New year, new you.

The start of the new financial year is the ideal time to take stock of your finances and set yourself up for success.

Here are our top tips to help you achieve your 2019/20 financial goals:

  • Set goals

Make time to have an open and honest discussion with yourself or your partner about what you want to achieve over the next 12 months. Set goals that address your income, holiday plans, debt management, and possible plans to start or grow your family.

  • Create a plan

Have a review meeting with your financial advisor to formulate a plan of action that will help you achieve your new goals. It’s important not to “set and forget” this plan. Hold yourself to account by breaking the larger goals down into smaller or more achievable goals across the year. It may help you to arrange regular phone or face-to-face meetings with your advisor to discuss progress.

  • Get help

Consider engaging other professionals to help you meet your financial goals and involve them in the process earlier rather than later. This could include accountants and mortgage brokers, to help manage your tax or get a better deal on your home loan.

  • Have a vision

Create a vision board to project your financial goals further out than the next 12 months. It could be three, five or even 10 years. Visualisation is a highly-effective way of achieving financial goals.

  • Work hard

Think outside the square to achieve your financial goals. Working an 80-hour week to boost your income might not be the best way if it’s detrimental to your health or relationships. Every dollar counts when saving money or pursuing a financial goal, so start small and be creative with your money saving. For example, enjoy a candlelit dinner in the comfort of your own home instead of eating out or sip an instant coffee at your desk instead of barista-made brew. 

What are your financial goals for the year ahead? Contact the team at Affinitis Capital on (08) 8172 9122 or for help realising your financial dreams.