When I created my wealth advisory business in 2014 I named it ‘Affinitas Capital’ because ‘Affinitas’ is Latin for ‘relationship’.

You see at my core that’s what I’m all about, building strong relationships with my clients so that we can work together for life. To me the ‘long game’ and achieving what you want at each stage in your life is the most important thing.

Your life long success to me isn’t just about you having a wealth advisor but letting me help you achieve whatever goals you need to hit to be successful.

That’s why every quarter I put together a wine night in Adelaide. I co-host the evening with a different business each time and we invite clients and other amazing people we know. A winery presents and we spend a few hours sampling some terrific wines and enjoying some fantastic food.

People tell me they really love these events and how I help bring in other people from different industries who can help them be successful over and above their financial wealth.

When you get to know me you’ll also quickly realise I’m a strong advocate for fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Let’s face it, if you’re struggling in health or happiness it’s difficult to be financially successful.

You’d be just blown away at the direct correlation between health, happiness and financial success. It’s something I’m super passionate about helping people with.

Before Affinitas Capital I worked for a US Investment Bank and Big Four Australian Banks, helping a wide range of clients over the past 12 years including high net worth individuals and families.

Throughout my journey though the most important thing I’ve learned is that for everyone’s success you need to maintain strong relationships and always deliver on what you promise.

That’s what Affinitas Capital is all about and my promise to you.


Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning

Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Accreditation

Margin Lending Accreditation

Advanced Equities Accreditation

Member of the FPA


To provide further leadership to the business, Affinitas Capital has established a business advisory panel. The handpicked individuals represent prominent South Australian businessmen, highly successful business owners and local senior managers. A diverse group of individuals that wish to see the business succeed, the clients succeed and to see the business grow.

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