My journey in wealth advisory began five years ago at one of the largest accounting and wealth advisory firms in Adelaide. What I’ve come to realise is the most enjoyable part of helping people reach their financial goals is the relationships you build and the connections you make along the way.

It can be very satisfying being the guide that helps bring success to someone’s journey.

People that know me are aware of my passion for constant personal growth and learning. In addition to having financial goals, I believe having personal goals and accomplishments throughout your life makes a big difference to your overall happiness and wellbeing. I am constantly learning and trying new things, whether it’s keeping up to date with changes in the financial services industry, competing in a triathlon for the first time or learning a new language.

One of the major benefits of constant learning is the ability to teach and help others grow. I believe a relationship with your financial advisor isn’t just about the advice. It’s about you understanding the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ so you can consciously take control of your future and have confidence in your plan.

Affinitas Capital is not your standard financial services firm. With a strong focus on building relationships and delivering on what is promised, it’s easy to fit in to a team that shares the same core values.


Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

Diploma of Financial Planning (DFP)

Diploma of Business (Entrepreneurship)

ASX Listed Product Advisor Accreditation

Member of the AFA

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